Event design of the UQAM’ launching campaign : 100 million of ideas.

Last January, UQAM launches its great campaign called 100 million of ideas, the most ambitious financing campaign organised by the university.

In order to celebrate this launch, La Camaraderie was commissioned to create the design of this event.
To respond to the creativity of the university, we designed tensegrity modules. Thus, wooden axis in suspension are holding one another with rubber band. Balance and tension allow these structures to keep still and to levitate.

These structures are the metaphor of the Uqamian network that maintains a suitable balance to the birth of 100 million of ideas, demonstrating that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

A fragmented table in the centre of the space put in the light the nibbles designed by Comptoir Rhubarbe.

An exhibition presented the major projects that will be financed by this campaign. Thanks to a reflective typography system, the full text of each poster was only unveiled if the visitor took a picture of it with the flash!



Setting up of the event

Design and set design : La Camaraderie

Photo credits : Nathalie Saint-Pierre (UQAM) and La Camaraderie

Production : Olixfab

Caterer : Comptoir Rhubarbe