Place des Arts celebrated its 50th anniversary on 21st September 2013. A series of activities were organized to celebrate this anniversary, especially an exhibition that gathers Place des Arts’ 50 years of history, made by La Camaraderie.

Located in the Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme, the exhibition invites visitors to discover archives that are invading the whole space. The pell-mell placement of information and artifacts offer a visit with several levels of reading. Orange dates act like chronological markers and punctuate the space.

At the heart of the exhibition stands a translucent orange cubicle where visitors can take part in the collective great poem of Place des Arts’ 50th anniversary. The composition of the poems is made on iPads and follows the principle of exquisite corpses.

Every participant composes a line from the start “Place des Arts inspires me…” or considering the two last words of the preceding line. This principle was imagined to offer a space of expression to the public of Place des Arts, so that they appropriate this history and compose a great collective piece.

The quality of the poems composed so far demonstrates the great respect that Quebecers and Montrealers have for Place des Arts.

Commissioner : Frédéric Loury

Conception and exhibition design : La Camaraderie

Programming the iPad application of the collective poem: HPJ Solutions

Cabin manufacturing : Dix au carré

Photo credits : Place des Arts, La Camaraderie