Exhibition The savoir-faire of the Assumption

To celebrate its 300th anniversary, the city of the Assomption wished to produce a travelling exhibition on the savoir-faire that have enabled this city to develop itself for three centuries.

The Camaraderie has been entrusted with the task of shaping and turning into pictures the content of this exhibition.

Inspired by the simple furniture and materials of the workshops and farms of the past, La Camaraderie has designed a folding exhibition divided into several modules, like a series of trestles that can be adapted to each place.

The movable elbows of each exhibition module are red, the hardware and the raw wood are highlighted.

The exhibition panels were printed on vinyl banners. The background motifs are inspired by the arrowed sash, this knowledge of the Assumption, was decreed by the Government of Quebec part of Quebec's intangible heritage.

The entire exhibition can be folded and transported easily in a small truck. It will be presented at Collège de l'Assomption, at Galeries Rive Nord, at Bibliothèque Christian-Roy, at École secondaire Paul-Arseneau and at École secondaire de l'Amitié.


Private view

Les esquisses


Conception and exhibition design : La Camaraderie

Production : OlixFab