To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, Canadian heritage has asked La Camaraderie to imagine a participatory installation that would take place in the lawn of the Canadian History Museum, in front of Parliament. What a nice mandate !

We have been thinking of a way to occupy the space without eclipsing Louis Archambault’s sculptures, Personnages.

We have been imagining a forest of flags where each visitor could create his own image, his own message to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada.

In collaboration with Canadian Heritage and the Canadian Museum of History, we have been created 40 hand-painted flags which bring together official or popular symbols, values, figures, landscapes… a serie of images in order to represent Canada today.

All the flags created by visitors during the celebrations on July 1 and 2 2017,  were added to others flags.

150canada -IMG_5713.jpg

Steps of the activity :

Step 1 : choosing the stencil and colour

Step 2: creation of the stencils on the flag by La Camaraderie

Step 3: Flag customisation

Step 4: Hang the flag in the Forest of images or take it home

Design drapeaux.jpg

Design and animation: La Camaraderie

Production : OlixFab