Placette Villeneuve - Plateau Mont-Royal district - Montreal

Gaston Miron contributed to shape the Quebec identity, by being perfectly in line with his era and inspiring all the creators of his generation. He was one of the first poets to highlight the Quebec culture and history, as well as the Quebecers’ soul.

The Gaston Miron cubicle reminds the archetype the Quebec working-class house on Placette Villeneuve. It is made up of secured laminated glasses and a steel structure finished with mirrors. Transparences on the neighborhood and reflections of the environment are made by an arrangement of mirror, white and frosted layers. It is a tribute to Gaston Miron’s text L’homme rapaillé - Liminaire. This installation invites passers-by to enter this poem. The author’s name is visible from the outside; an immersive reading is hidden inside the structure.


L'homme rapaillé - Liminaire

Pour Emmanuelle
J'ai fait de plus loin que moi un voyage abracadabrant
il y a longtemps que je ne m'étais pas revu
me voici en moi comme un homme dans une maison
qui s'est faite en son absence
je te salue, silence 
je ne suis pas revenu pour revenir
je suis arrivé à ce qui commence

Gaston Miron (L'Homme Rapaillé, Montréal, l'Hexagone, 1994)