Urbanoscopes : Take a fresh look at Saint-Denis Street

Saint-Denis Street is one of the oldest shopping street in Montreal. It is very distinctive, with it architectural heritage, it independent shops, its restaurants and its terraces.

Urbanoscopes are big mobile kaleidoscopes, conceived to highlight the particularities of the street, but especially to create a link with passers-by so that they keep a good memory of their walk. Organizers invite people to manipulate them, look through them. They take pictures of the images that passers-by composed. The pictures are immediately sent on the participants’ email address, allowing them to share them on their social media, showcasing Saint-Denis Street beyond its frontiers.

In collaboration with the Shopkeepers’ Society of Saint-Denis Street, La Camaraderie thought about a project of urban installation that would bring the street to life throughout the summer.

This project should enable:

  • To highlight the particularities of the street (its architecture, its shops, its restaurants and its terraces)

  • To meet residents and passers-by

  • To showcase Saint-Denis Street beyond its physical limits

  • To do good to the whole street